Select Claims Administration, LLC's mission is to successfully provide personalized, highly efficient and accurate claims on all visits made by all the practitioners who are our clients.

We have a skilled team of billers and claims administrators. Some of whom have been in the field of medical billing for over 20 years.

Select Claims Administration is owned by Yvonne Pasqualicchio, MA Ed.  She has served as an Early Intervention Medicaid Service Coordinator Supervisor and as a Regional Manager with a Multi-Practitioner Group in the New York Metropolitan Area.  Her responsibilities with this company for the past 20 years has afforded her the expertise to now be able to have a team of her own, comprised of sharp, skilled, efficient Billers.

We here at Select Claims Administration are a full-service claims administration company offering support to all of our clients. In particular, the Nurse Practitioners and their collaborative MDs. They rely on us to prepare accurate charts that are clerically outstanding. With these charts, they are able to focus on what they do best - provide palliative care to those on their caseloads.  

Not to be outdone are the multi-practitioner groups providing IPSIDD services in New York. One of which is the same Group that Yvonne served with for 20 years!

Equally important, are the independent practitioners who now rely on us for claims administration support.  We welcome them to take full advantage of our full practice management support services.

We pride ourselves on being reliable and resourceful while accurately and quickly claiming all visits made within the parameters of all insurance types. 

We encourage all nurse practitioners,  multi-practitioner groups, and independent clinicians to take full advantage of our expertise.

Select Claims Administration, LLC

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