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Select Claims Administration, LLC

Our Services: (for quite a reasonable, Medicaid-compatible fee!)

We offer a range of supports and services to the busy clinician. Whether they are in a group setting, or operate as an independent practitioner.

For Nurse Practitioners:

  • clerical chart preparation
  • scheduling of appointments
  • insurance claims submission (including Medicaid, Medicare and Other)

For Multi-Practitioner Groups:

  • Claiming visits in the eMedNY system for IPSIDD services
  • MEVS (medicaid eligibility verification) checks every month
  • Contacting MSCs at the various DDSOs and group homes to re-certify insurances where applicable
  • Collecting intake packets

For Independent Clinicians:

  • All of the above, PLUS:
  • Reconciling monthly paperwork
  • Tracking quarterly recertification visits for NPs
  • Sending out script requests to PCPs